Adulting: The New Experience

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A common struggle we all endure is adulting. Every experience seems to be new, challenging and confusing to process. If our parents did their best to prepare us for the world, they likely missed some key fundamentals since they were even less prepared to enter adulthood than us!

I imagine “The Chronicles” (this series of blog posts) will serve as my legacy. This will be a guide for all to navigate the world by providing resources, guides, tutorials, and courses. For the sake of mankind, we all must be on the same page when it comes to how we want the world to be. We have enough in common to agree on a broad direction for our future- we just have to gather information, make a plan, then execute it.

We are easily distracted in our modern world of 7 second videos, a 40-hour work week, and trying to swim in our oceans of responsibility. Together, we will focus on the most powerful force in the world to overcome our day to day obstacles: Love.

Thanks so much for visiting and reading!

Stay with us. We’ll hold your hand and listen to your take.

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