Elevating Detroit since 2022

We’re Just Getting Started!

Get involved in the changes coming to our Metro Detroit Community!

First One’s on Us

Our Community Resource Counselors (CRCs) are ready for change. If you are too, book your FREE Initial Consultation. We focus on YOU. Without you, we wouldn’t have community. Our daily choices have POWER and at the end of the day- we are all we need.


Stronger Together

We exist to empower our community to take action towards unity, kindness, and freedom by leading our industries in service and civility. Changing the world by yourself is possible, but a community- a team- will make it much easier.

The way the world operates today is not working in our best interests, so it’s up to us to BE THE CHANGE. We have the power to choose what we add to the world.

Let’s choose love.

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